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Healthy living and exercise is such an important part of our lives, so at Anarchy Training Centre, our friendly and experienced trainers aim to give you a tough but enjoyable full body workout. We hope to challenge you, get you excited about fitness and help you achieve your personal goals, all in a friendly and fun environment!!

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Anarchy Training Centre is more than a gym. We are a fun, positive and happy community, and believe in creating the kind of inclusive training culture that builds confidence, skill, self-esteem, health and wellness.Our energetic Group Classes offer exciting, motivating, original, and continually evolving workouts. All instructors are specially qualified to observe correct form in each client, and will provide personalised attention for those new to training, rehabilitating from injury or advancing quickly in skill and fitness.The large facility means we have the ability to run multiple sessions at once, alongside our individualised Personal Training programs, and enough space to also accommodate a massage room, boxing ring and weight section, with plenty of floor space in between.Whether you are a new to the world of fitness or you are a seasoned professional athlete, we cater our training to you and work to help each individual to reach his or her personal goals.

Unlimited access to our Group Class Timetable
$35.00 per week direct debited weekly
* no joining fee
* 3 month minimum contract (previously 6 month minimum)
$20 per class
See our classes page: Anarchy Classes