Boxing & Cardio Boxing

Cardio Boxing

Using various simple Boxing techniques at a fast pace to get your heart rate pumping. Designed to increase your overall fitness, lose weight and tone up!


Combines all the hard work of the Cardio Boxing class with some of the finer points of Boxing. Includes defense, pad and bag work, shadow boxing and floor work

Body Tight test

A resistance workout designed to strengthen and firm up your legs, glutes, mid-section and arms – all while keeping your heart rate sitting in fat burning zone.

SAP – Strength, Agility & Power

A complete weight workout using functional training to build muscle mass, increase metabolism and perform at your personal best! Perfect for all levels of fitness.


Common exercise excuses – and how to beat them!

Do you know someone who says they want to get fit but always has an excuse to not exercise? Maybe that person sounds a bit like you? We know it can sometimes be hard to get motivated and stay motivated, so here are some […]

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Why you should invest in a corporate wellness plan!

Did you know that 97% of Australia’s top performing organisations have implemented a workplace health and wellbeing initiative in the last 12 months? The reason behind this is simple – by investing in their staff’s physical health and wellbeing, these organisations also aid their […]

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What makes boxing such a great workout?

You may have noticed – we like boxing. And not without reason; boxing is one of the most time effective workouts you can do, working your cardiovascular and endurance systems while also training your upper and lower body and core strength. Plus, you have […]


Upcoming fitness events around Perth

Fun runs and other fitness events are great to use as targets to work towards throughout the year, as well as being a fantastic way to spend time with friends and family.
We recently competed in the HBF Fun Run, raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation, after […]


Beat the bloat for a flat stomach

One of the most common fitness goals anywhere is to achieve and maintain a flat, beach-ready stomach. But hundreds of crunches alone aren’t going to get you there – so you can stop that now. Did you know that one of the biggest challenges […]

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    Is that whopper worth it? We take a look at just how long it takes to work off fast food.

Is that whopper worth it? We take a look at just how long it takes to work off fast food.

We’re all guilty of indulging in a Big Mac (then trying to save face by pairing it with a Diet Coke amiright?!).  But would we do it so often if we knew just how long it would really take to burn off all those […]


Renae takes Canada!

I was selected to represent Australia at The Global Ambassadors Summit 2016 in Whistler Canada where I got to product test some new Lululemon sportswear, do yoga under the famous Baron Baptist, undergo some cool personal development seminars, snowboard and meet some amazing fitness experts […]

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10 reasons your kids should exercise.

We all know regular physical activity is part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and that philosophy also applies to our children.

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, children and adolescents should do at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day, yet […]

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Fitness events around Perth

Fitness events, fun runs, walks and bike rides are great events to participate in with family and friends and can serve as a target to reach your fitness goals.

Our trainer Renae Wauhop recently helped Richie Strahan (yes of The Bachelorette fame!) train for the […]


Bring a friend for free this week

Attention Anarchy Members: This week from Monday 21/09 to Saturday 26/09 is bring a friend for free week.

If you hold a membership with us you can bring a brand new customer to Anarchy to try our classes for the whole week.

Valid one new person […]