Do you know someone who says they want to get fit but always has an excuse to not exercise? Maybe that person sounds a bit like you? We know it can sometimes be hard to get motivated and stay motivated, so here are some of the most common exercise excuses we have come across and ways we have found to beat them! Time to stop excusing yourself, get out of the rut and start working towards those fitness goals!

1. I’ve got no time – I’m too busy!

Whether it’s work, kids, or other commitments, one of the top exercise excuses we hear is a lack of time. The reality is, if something is important to you, you will make time for it and your health should be one of your top priorities. Countless studies have shown that those who exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle have more energy, are more productive at work and home, have a better outlook on life and function in a more positive state of mind. The secret? It all comes down to planning! Plan your week to include time dedicated to exercise. Schedule yourself in for a group class at Anarchy or a PT session before or after work – start by committing yourself to one or two classes a week and build yourself up from there!

2. I can’t find my exercise gear!

So you’ve picked a class to attend, you’ve set your alarm and you’re ready to go – except you can’t find your exercise gear… Better not go at all rather than show up late, right? Wrong! Don’t give yourself the chance to make excuses. Take 5mins the night before to get your gear together and ready to go for the next day – chances are you’ll feel more motivated already, purely by being organised!

3. I’m too old/unfit/injured

Everyone has their own limitations but this does not mean you can’t work around them. The trainers at Anarchy Training Centre specialise in helping people create and maintain their desired level of fitness and will work with you to ensure you are pushing limits as much as you need to – without causing yourself harm!

4. I don’t like exercising by myself

Then don’t! Come along to our group classes for a fun sweat sesh that will have you working out, making friends and becoming part of the Anarchy family. Many people find this also acts as extra motivation to keep up their fitness routine – you wouldn’t want to let the other class members down by not showing up! Have a look at our timetable to see what we have on offer.

5. Exercise is boring

Clearly you’ve never visited Anarchy Training Centre. While repetition does have its place in fitness, your body will benefit more from a varied workout routine, working different muscle groups and keeping your body on its toes. This is why our trainers have tailored our group classes and PT sessions to offer a different workout every time you visit.

6. Not seeing results

Many people start their new fitness campaign with enthusiasm but slowly start to give up when they do not see results as quickly as they would like. If this sounds like you it could be because your expectations are a tad unrealistic – you can’t expect to look like Superman after just one or two workouts! 3 months is usually a good period of time to gauge how far you have come in your fitness journey. Talk with your trainer about the changes you would like to see in yourself and they will be able to best advise you on how to work towards these goals and give a better idea of a timeframe. If after 3 months you feel as though you are not progressing as quickly as you should, it may be time for you and your trainer to look at other factors, including diet and other lifestyle choices.

7. I’m just not motivated

There is only one person who can convince you to get fit and that is yourself. If you’re having trouble with motivation, have a think about why you want to improve your fitness and wellbeing and write some points down. Use these points to create some goals for yourself, and perhaps discuss them with a friend for some added support. Next step? Start small and build your way up. Sign up for one group class a week, or simply commit to going for a brisk walk after work. Keep track of your progress and make sure you congratulate yourself every time you smash out some exercise. Just remember – you are the only person holding you back.