Glen Austin
Glen AustinOwner & Trainer

With over 15 years of Boxing experience, Glen turned Professional after a successful Amateur career. His current Pro Boxing record is 7-0.
He currently holds the Western Australian State Cruiser Weight Title Belt and the Nitro Cruiser Weight Title Belt.
In 2006, Glen added Professional MMA to the mix and now also holds a 5-1 MMA record.

Having competed across a variety of combat sports, Glen brings a wide range of training skills and techniques to his workouts.

In the past 10 years Glen has worked as a Boxing Trainer. With vast experience training Professional and Amateur boxers he combines those skills with a friendly and approachable energy to train anyone in boxing for fitness from beginner to advanced.

Glen has experience running large classes, small groups or one on one training sessions.

When training with Glen, you can expect your sessions to include punch combinations (with bags or pad work), defense, foot work, counter punching and boxing based strength and conditioning drills.

Glen is the current coach of the Western Australia’s Middleweight Champion Renato “the Entertainer” Oliveira..

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