I was selected to represent Australia at The Global Ambassadors Summit 2016 in Whistler Canada where I got to product test some new Lululemon sportswear, do yoga under the famous Baron Baptist, undergo some cool personal development seminars, snowboard and meet some amazing fitness experts from all over the globe.

The trip was AMAZING! I got to see snow for the first time and go snowboarding. I was on my butt most of the time but got it in the end!

I tried out the new 7/8 compression wear pants, which ladies I highly recommend for high intensity training they definitely stayed put and didn’t ride up or get loose. Yoga was awesome although some of those poses I would definitely leave to the professionals (can your body even bend that way?).

My favourite part of the summit was the personal development and goals setting. If you haven’t set goals for what you want to achieve whether it be now, a year from now or even a 5 year plan I would definitely do so. It’s an awesome way to stay on track. I personally love the goals board and I place it where I can see it every day so I’m constantly reminded of what I’m working towards. It can be as simple as a picture of somewhere you want to travel, a course you want to enrol in, saving for a new car or even a fitness goal you want to achieve. My advice is to make yourself accountable and stick to it.

I’m feeling inspired and happy to be home at Anarchy and ready to kick some goals!

Love, Renae x