You may have noticed – we like boxing. And not without reason; boxing is one of the most time effective workouts you can do, working your cardiovascular and endurance systems while also training your upper and lower body and core strength. Plus, you have the added benefit of feeling like a bad-ass after every session.

So what is it that makes boxing such a great workout?

1. It’s fun

The less you enjoy working out, the less likely you are to stick with it. Boxing is incredibly fun, engaging and great for your focus. Plus there is the benefit of being able to work out solo, in a pair or in a group.

2. Boxing works your whole body

Incorporating a wide variety of movements including punching, kicking and jumping, boxing gets your whole body moving without you even realising.

3. Aerobic vs Anaerobic

As well as engaging muscle groups throughout the entirety of your body, boxing also incorporates both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, both important to achieve balance in your overall fitness. Aerobic exercise is low energy exercise, meaning it can be sustained for extended periods of time as your body has enough access to oxygen to use as fuel for your muscles. This type of exercise is great for burning fat and improving your cardiovascular health.

Anaerobic exercise utilises short, intense bursts of energy that use up oxygen fast. As a result, your body is unable to maintain this level of energy for extended periods of time and lactic acid is produced. This type of exercise works to improve your endurance, muscle mass, metabolism and ability (both physical and mental!) to withstand fatigue.

4. Burn fat and calories fast!

Due to the combination of aerobic and anaerobic elements in your workout, boxing burns fat and calories fast, making it one of the most time effective workouts you can do. You will burn more calories boxing than you would running for the same amount of time – and probably have more fun too! For those of us who lead busy, time poor lives, boxing is a fantastic option to keep your fitness routine on course.

5. Improve other skills

As well as increasing your overall strength and cardio fitness, boxing also helps to develop and improve your balance, coordination, agility and reactivity. You also learn how to defend yourself should the need ever arise, which for many people, especially women, is a big incentive. Boxing is also a fantastic confidence booster as there is always a massive sense of achievement at the end of a session.

6. There’s always something new

Unlike repetitive workouts on a bike or treadmill, there is always something new in a boxing workout. Whether it’s a new sequence of moves, a new sparring partner or a new goal to work towards, boxing will keep you on your toes, keeping your mind and your body 100% focussed and active during your session.

7. It’s all about balance

Here at Anarchy we believe the key to a healthy and happy life is balance. One thing that often tips the scales is stress, an unavoidable part of many of our lives. Take that frustration and channel it into your boxing workout – nothing like a good hit to make you feel better!

Ready to try boxing for yourself? We run daily boxing and cardio boxing group classes at the gym – check out our timetable and join the A-Team today!