Did you know that 97% of Australia’s top performing organisations have implemented a workplace health and wellbeing initiative in the last 12 months? The reason behind this is simple – by investing in their staff’s physical health and wellbeing, these organisations also aid their staff’s mental wellbeing, increasing overall productivity, reducing stress and time off sick, and increasing team moral and engagement.

We had a chat with Rachel, managing director of M Squared and one of our Corporate Wellness clients, about how M Squared utilises Anarchy Training to support the health and wellbeing of her employees and the benefits she has seen in her staff.

RachTell us a bit about M Squared…
M Squared is a boutique tax and accounting firm with a strong focus is oil and gas. Our goal is to provide our clients with certainty of outcome and bulletproof decisions. We believe in working with the our clients to deliver a service outside the square. We are not normal accountants and don’t ever plan on being!

When did you first introduce a corporate wellness program at M Squared?
About 6 years ago; we used to do personal training in Kings Park but we no longer do this, as it ended up with only one staff member using the trainer. We have a full gym in our office and a bar and a rooftop bar entertainment area and a ping-pong table.

What made you consider introducing a wellness program?
Having been through some challenging times myself I am very aware of the benefits of exercise – healthy body, healthy mind. There is no denying what exercise does for one’s brain, it helps us get through the most challenging days. Boxing has had such an amazing impact on myself and my staff.

What was/is the initial reaction of staff when told about the program?
They love it! We are a work hard, play hard firm and we have a lot of fun.  There are times when what we do can be pretty stressful, for me as the managing director it is important that we support our staff mentally as well as professionally. We all have days when there is nothing better than putting those gloves on and having Renae or Glen yell at you. The main benefit for us is that Anarchy provides a different workout depending on what our staff feel like they need that day. It does make me smile when I look at them planning their calls and meetings around exercising.

How many of your staff participate in the program and how do they make use of it?
About 75% of our staff utilise this by going to a mixture of classes. Some of us try to get in almost every morning. Some like to go to the 9.30 class, go to the office get some work done and then come back all red-faced and happy.

What are some of the main benefits and changes you have noticed in your staff since implementing a wellness program into the M Squared culture?
It has been amazing to watch the transformation in some of our staff, just watching them feel so welcome at gym, smiling when all they used to do was sit there and get grumpy. Everyone interacts with each other on a different level; people who don’t normally interact will chat about how hard Erin’s class was or how mean Rob was that morning. It is pretty funny watching us all struggle to get up the stairs in the office cursing and swearing at Glen, Renae, Rob or Erin. The most significant impact has been the mental impact and the team spirit it has created, which is so important in a small team. If we have a big week with a lot of stress, instead of having one too many drinks staff will plan their day around getting to an Anarchy class. We have very low absenteeism and I firmly believe this is due to our focus on looking after our staff and looking after their minds and bodies.

Would you recommend this to other businesses?
Yes, it has been amazing, and the evidence it’s working is definitely apparent with our very low rate of sick days and our staff genuinely loving to exercise! As we have an open plan office, it is really rewarding to see how the staff will join together to encourage each other to go to boxing or SAP if they can see one of their workmates getting wound up and just needing a break.

What’s your favourite workout at Anarchy Training Centre?
I love all the workouts but as I can’t box at the moment due an injury I am loving SAP. What I love is that no class is the same and you never know what you are going to get at the beginning or end of a day!

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